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For the past 12 years, I’ve lived in an extremely small house. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room in this home to store all of the furniture I own. Have you recently downsized? If you have beautiful furniture that won’t fit into your new place, consider renting a storage unit at a facility in the city you live in. You can safely store your beloved furniture in your unit for as long as you wish. If you move to a larger home in the future, you won’t need to shop for pieces of furniture to put in it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of housewares to store in a rented unit. Enjoy!


4 Tips For Addressing A Commercial Move

18 December 2019
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Moving day should be a time for joy. Opening up shop in a new location is a milestone of your company, no matter how big it is. Commercial moving companies are important if you want this milestone day to also be a successful one. This article will teach you about getting help from commercial movers.  #1: Schedule time off and spread the word across all of your outlets Movers will be milling in and out of your building and will need the space to be completely clear of other foot traffic or obstacles. Read More …

Move The Hot Tub, Or Not Move The Hot Tub? Options For This Conundrum

17 July 2019
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A hot tub weighs at least several hundred pounds when fully assembled. You would need a crane or a team of heavyweight lifting champions just to pick it up off the spot where you installed it in your yard. However, if you are moving to a new house and you really do not want to leave this luxury item behind (or worse- you are still making payments on it!), then you have to figure out whether or not you are really going to move it and how to do that. Read More …